Chicago Bears Draft: 3 trades to make following Justin Fields pick

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The Chicago Bears must trade Nick Foles after drafting Justin Fields

The most sensible move to make in the coming days, after drafting Fields, is for the Bears to move on from veteran Nick Foles. At this point, to pay Foles roughly $10.6 million doesn’t seem reasonable. A year after trading a costly fourth-round pick for the journeyman, Chicago is now faced with a difficult dilemma.

Whether or not Fields starts the season is irrelevant. He is at least going to be the backup if Andy Dalton gets the nod in Week 1, which would make Foles the most expensive third quarterback this league has ever seen.

If the Bears cut Foles, they don’t save any money. They eat over $10 million in order to cut a guy who will likely never see the field. With that said, a Foles trade would be a huge victory. If Pace can net anything at all in return for Foles, he comes out of this looking like a wizard. The fact of the matter is, teams could very well understand the Bears’ need to unload Foles and simply choose to wait it out.

One trade that makes a little bit of sense is if the New York Jets jumped in to get themselves a great locker room leader and backup for Zach Wilson. For Foles, the Jets would just give up pick 227 — a late, compensatory draft pick — while also moving up five spots.

No matter what, the Bears’ depth chart has to have Dalton and Fields in some order. Foles cannot be on this roster come September. Taking up a third quarterback spot for that amount of money seems absurd. Would it be the most absurd thing Pace has ever gotten his team into? Of course not. But, it would still be a tough pill to swallow.