Chicago Bears Rumors: Are the Saints trying to snipe the Bears on draft night?

Chicago Bears (Photo by Nuccio DiNuzzo/Getty Images)
Chicago Bears (Photo by Nuccio DiNuzzo/Getty Images) /

The wait is over: it’s time for the 2021 NFL Draft, and Chicago Bears fans are eagerly anticipating what may or may not happen tonight.

While many fans are hoping for the best, the reality is, we must prepare for the worst. General manager Ryan Pace may be ready to pull the trigger on a trade, but there are a lot of factors that go into such a decision.

Do the Bears have enough to move up? If so, how high up can they get? And if they get high enough, surely they will take a quarterback, right?

Over the last few weeks, a few other teams have helped the Bears’ case in trading up for a quarterback. The Carolina Panthers dealt for Sam Darnold, and then traded Teddy Bridgewater to the Denver Broncos. No longer do we have to worry about the Panthers or Broncos drafting a quarterback — barring any crazy turn of events.

Other teams that could move up for a quarterback include the New England Patriots, Pittsburgh Steelers and New Orleans Saints. Out of those three, the most you’ve probably heard about is the Patriots. However, one other team may be looking to make things interesting.

Could the Saints come up to surprise and disappoint Chicago Bears fans everywhere?

So, the Saints have been doing the most groundwork on moving up into the top 10, huh? Certainly Ian Rapoport is more well-connected than just about anybody. But, for a cornerback? Of course they need a corner, but on the other hand, they technically do not have a franchise quarterback on the roster either.

Between Taysom Hill’s voidable contract and the short-term deal for Jameis Winston, New Orleans has far from guaranteed anything to their current quarterbacks.

Maybe the cornerback report is all smoke. Maybe, Sean Payton wants to get his hands on another franchise quarterback he can develop into the next Drew Brees.

If the Saints are looking at moving up, the Bears can’t afford to take any chances. It doesn’t matter what the word is. If New Orleans is moving up, Ryan Pace has to act as if though the Saints are after a quarterback.

This is a year in which he cannot be outbid for a quarterback. Pace’s future depends on this draft. The Bears’ future depends on this draft. Their current roster is ready to win right now, if they only had a legitimate quarterback under center.

Will Pace opt to move up and snag Justin Fields if he falls? Does he covet Mac Jones or Trey Lance?

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All we can do is wait it out until the commissioner steps up to the podium and we see navy and orange in the background. Here’s to hoping the Bears don’t have to deal with yet another team attempting to move up for a gunslinger.