Chicago Bears NFL Draft 2021: Surprising trades fans might hate

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Chicago Bears, Kyle Pitts
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If Kyle Pitts falls even just a bit, the Chicago Bears could pounce

One question I have seen thrown around social media quite a bit over the last several weeks has to do with Florida tight end Kyle Pitts. As one of the top five prospects in this entire draft — and some have him ranked in the top three — Pitts is a can’t-miss player.

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He plays tight end, but acts more like a larger wide receiver. He has all of the rare tools you love to see in a wideout, yet possesses the size of a tight end. It is incredibly difficult to see him lasting past pick no. 5, owned by the Cincinnati Bengals, however there is a world where he does.

The Bengals could opt to select an offensive tackle to help bolster their line and protect Joe Burrow who is, in fact, coming off a serious injury last year. If the Bengals go offensive tackle, and Pitts is there at pick no. 6, it’s anyone’s game.

That sixth pick is owned by the Miami Dolphins who just so happen to be taking calls for said pick. Remember who we’re dealing with, here. It’s Ryan Pace. He never has to make complete sense, and if he thinks Pitts is an incredible value he cannot pass up at pick no. 6 (or even a pick or two later) he will move up and get him.

When Pace is convicted, he makes a move. He has never cared how a trade goes over with the general public, fans or sports analysts. He simply makes the move. Call it ego or whatever you want, but Pace moving up for Pitts is not impossible to imagine.

Now, what to do with both Pitts and Cole Kmet? It’s a pretty easy answer. You continue to run the football with David Montgomery while having some serious mismatches in two tight end sets. Matt Nagy wanted to run a lot more 12-personnel. Well, here’s his big chance. Now, he’s got Pitts, Kmet and a veteran in Jimmy Graham to mentor them both.