Chicago Bears NFL Draft 2021: Surprising trades fans might hate

Chicago Bears (Photo by Tim Warner/Getty Images)
Chicago Bears (Photo by Tim Warner/Getty Images) /
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For years, Chicago Bears fans have been described many ways. None can be more relatable or true than this: they’re gluttons for punishment.

For what other reason would fans continually support a team, their entire lives, only to be let down more often than not? That’s what makes a fan base respectable, quite frankly. A loyal, committed fan base is hard not to love.

Bears fans have been loyal and committed through a lot of hardships. We have just about seen it all, short of maybe an 0-16 season — yes, that’s a slight to a certain division rival.

With the 2021 NFL Draft straight ahead of us, Bears fans aren’t quite sure how to feel. On one hand, excitement is unavoidable. It’s the draft, baby. This is one of the most eventful segments of our sports year. No matter what, it’s hard not to have at least a little bit of hope.

After all, anything can happen. But, knowing Ryan Pace is at the forefront of every move and decision? Yes — anything can truly happen, and it won’t always be for the good, either.

While fans are hoping the Chicago Bears make one move, Ryan Pace may turn the other direction.

Pace is as unpredictable as they come. A few years ago, the trade for Khalil Mack blew everybody away. It was a monumental move that changed the face of this defense and, quite honestly, the franchise. The team now had one of the most exciting, lethal players in all of football.

While moves like the Mack trade are fun and exciting, Pace has also failed to meet expectations making several other moves. Of course, the quarterback position is a tender subject when it comes to these discussions. Quarterback has never been Pace’s, oh, “thing.”

Going into this year’s draft, fans should brace themselves for the unexpected. Many of us want to see one thing happen, but Pace might just up and shock the fan base by going the opposite way.

There are three scenarios that would cause a ruckus within the fan base this week. Some may love the moves while others could hate them. Let us know your thoughts on each one.