Chicago Bears: 3 trade packages for WR Julio Jones

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Chicago Bears (Photo by Carmen Mandato/Getty Images) /
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The Atlanta Falcons are in some cap trouble. That might cause them to make some big changes before the start of the 2021 season and the Chicago Bears might be smart to take advantage. If the Bears wanted to add another good wide receiver, Julio Jones might be a really good option.

There are some rumors out there that he is available right now. Ian Rapoport had a tweet today about the Falcons taking calls on the pick and what it might look like. The Bears should at least be on the phone seeing what it may cost. If they wanted to make it work, they themselves would have to free up some cap space as well. One of these three trade packages would make a lot of sense if they can free some space:

Trade One

The Chicago Bears might have some leverage in a trade like this knowing their situation.

Everyone knows why the Atlanta Falcons want to trade Julio Jones. He is an elite player that can make plays when the ball is thrown at him. The Chicago Bears don’t really have a stable group of wide receivers right now so giving up next year’s first-round pick along with this year’s second-round pick might work for both sides.

Next year’s draft probably doesn’t have the future quarterback of the Bears so saving this year’s pick might be a good idea in case they figure out that this year could have the guy. Julio Jones would look nice lining up in the blue and orange so giving up this type of draft capital is not a bad idea.

The only question is who will be throwing him the ball and what other weapons will help him. If they can figure most of that out in this year’s draft, this is a no-brainer acquisition for them. The only question is what is it that gets the trade done.