Chicago Bears NFL Draft 2021: Crippling mistakes Ryan Pace must avoid

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Chicago Bears (Photo by Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images) /
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Chicago Bears general manager Ryan Pace cannot be outbid for a top-tier quarterback

This year’s draft is going to be incredibly exciting. After the New York Jets (likely) take Zach Wilson at number two overall, the madness begins. No one knows what the San Francisco 49ers will do at the third overall pick. Right now, the rumors are getting stronger in regards to Mac Jones being the selection.

If that happens, then Justin Fields could begin to see a drop. Trey Lance becomes a guy to watch. But, above all else, every eye will be watching the Atlanta Falcons, first and foremost. The Falcons very well could trade the pick, as they’ve been open to doing for a little while now. But, if they stay put, how could they pass up Kyle Pitts or Penei Sewell?

You see where this is going. If a quarterback slides a little bit, Pace cannot afford to allow another team to move up and snag him. The worst possible feeling for a Bears fan in this year’s draft will be as follows: another team moves up to draft a top-five quarterback and gives up a sensible package to do so.

If another team moves up for the fourth or fifth quarterback drafted, Bears fans will be sick if it’s not the Bears involved in doing so. Chances are, there will be one quarterback who drops a bit further than most would assume, and Pace has to be the guy who swoops in. He cannot afford another team sniping that pick from beneath his feet.

If there is a quarterback to trade up for, the Bears need to be the team to make the move.