Chicago Bears: 3 trades to take advantage of Justin Fields skepticism

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The Chicago Bears could luck out and see Justin Fields drop significantly

Lastly, if Fields really slips badly, the Bears shouldn’t wait any longer than right here and now. I don’t think we see an Aaron Rodgers type of drop, but this would be much further than anyone had anticipated going into draft season. Dropping from the should-be number two overall pick all the way to the teens would be an incredible, fortunate place for the Bears to find themselves in.

The Los Angeles Chargers are in a great place with their franchise quarterback, Justin Herbert. After lighting it up his rookie season, Herbert looks like the real deal and the Chargers should be focused on any other position, of course. Fortunately, they partner with a quarterback-desperate team like the Bears to add a few picks to their draft stock.

All the Bears have to part with in this scenario is a first-round pick this year, and a second and fourth in next year’s draft. If that’s all it took for Chicago to land Justin Fields, it would be the ultimate dream come true for Bears fans.

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Is it all smoke for now? Absolutely, it is. However, never say never. Crazier things have happened in the NFL. And sometimes, where there’s smoke there is fire.