Three Chicago Cubs who’ll be gone by All-Star break

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Chicago Cubs, Joc Pederson
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If anyone offers anything to the Chicago Cubs for Joc Pederson they should take it.

The Chicago Cubs signed Joc Pederson somewhat late in the offseason. He has been known for being a power-hitting lefty that can crush baseballs. That looked like it was going to be the case for him this year as he was so good during spring training. He made Cubs fans think that he was going to be the guy who woke up their bats this season.

Well, he has been nothing short of a disaster for the Cubs this year. He has a slash of .119/.208/.190 for an OPS of .399. He has one home run, four RBIs, and two runs scored. He has been so bad that he has a -0.6 WAR so far this year. He literally provides negative value to this Cubs team right now.

They don’t need to keep using him. Some other team might really want a guy like that and offer something for him. If that happened, the Cubs should do it right away. They also might even consider cutting him at some point if he keeps this up. Either way, there is a decent chance that he isn’t on this team by the All-Star break. They might decide to just ride the season with him and nobody offers anything to get him but he is certainly a candidate to be gone quickly.

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If things turn around for the Cubs before the end of May, they might find a way to keep some of these guys. If they don’t they will be gone in short order. They need to do whatever it takes to make sure that this stretch of dreadful play doesn’t last for multiple years.