Three Chicago Cubs who’ll be gone by All-Star break

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Chicago Cubs, Kris Bryant
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The Chicago Cubs are a team that, for the most part, struggles to hit. They aren’t a team that looks locked and loaded to go on a deep run here in 2021. They look more like a team that will bottom out and starts selling pieces before the trade deadline. There are plenty of players that might be considered by other teams that the Cubs can try and move. There are three players that stick out as players that are “likely gone” by the All-Star break.

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The Chicago Cubs should sell high on Kris Bryant before the All-Star break.

Kris Bryant has had a very good career up to this point. Outside of a few tough seasons, he has really been an all-star caliber player. Year after year, he is considered one of the best players on the Chicago Cubs roster. He can play both third base and outfield which makes him an incredibly useful player to a team looking to win the World Series.

Bryant would bring any team looking to take the next step a lot of different experiences. He has won the MVP, a World Series, and has had a lot of individual success statistically. Someone might pay a premium for a player like that via trade.

Bryant is one of Chicago’s big three that are on expiring contracts. Anthony Rizzo and Javier Baez are all in danger of being gone after 2021 as well but Bryant feels the least likely to stay via extension. If they moved him before the all-star break (or at least before the trade deadline), they would probably get something good for him, especially if he continues to hit well.