Could the Chicago Cubs be no-hit during this 2021 season?

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We just saw the Chicago White Sox throw the second no-hitter an MLB team has thrown this season. Carlos Rodon defied all odds and came in and no-hit the Cleveland Indians. It was a great way to get his season rolling. The Chicago Cubs, on the other hand, have one of the worst offenses to start a season in the history of the league. When you think about what Rodon did to Cleveland last week, you have to wonder if someone will no-hit this bad Cubs offense this season?

The Chicago Cubs have the type of offense that is a no-hit candidate this year.

The Cubs offense has been completely shutout twice already this season. They have also had many games where they have had less than five hits. They even have a game where they only had a single hit in the baseball game. It has been tough to see because it is clear that it isn’t getting better any time soon. If they didn’t find a way to get that one hit in that game, they would already have been no-hit.

If the Cubs are in a bad way in terms of their record by June, don’t be surprised if they start to sell off some of thier stars on expiring contracts. Anthony Rizzo, Javier Baez, and Kris Bryant are all on expiring contracts. Willson Contreras also only has one year left after this year so he is a candidate to be traded as well. Those are the four guys who are supposed to be thier best hitters so taking them out makes it even more possible to be no-hit.

It is a shame (and a bit of a mystery) how this level of expectation became a thing for the Cubs. They were World Series Champions in 2016. Now, we are worried about their offense is so bad that they are no-hit in a season. The team on the other side of town is recording no-hittters while the Cubs can’t hit at all.

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Now, as much of a worry as this is, it doesn’t mean that it will happen. It is really hard to get 27 outs without making a pitching change let alone one guy not allowing a hit. If it happens, it happens but the Cubs need to figure something out with this team. You can’t fire any more coaches or managers. At some point, the players have to be held accountable.