Chicago Bears: 3 wide receivers more deserving of HOF than Julian Edelman

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Former Chicago Bears WR/KR Devin Hester deserves the HOF over Julian Edelman

Some might say this is an unfair comparison, because Devin Hester was more well-known for his return skills. However, many of us forget just how electric Hester could be as a wide receiver, too.

Did Lovie Smith mess with Hester’s groove when he attempted to play him at receiver? Maybe. Should Hester have stuck to being strictly a return man, though? Absolutely not. We don’t give him enough credit for the times he made those jaw-dropping plays as a wideout. Hester was no slouch. Put some respect on his name as a receiver.

As a player, overall, Hester certainly deserves the Hall. Some believe he shouldn’t get in because he’s a return man. But, if kickers can get in, why can’t the greatest return man of all time?

Hester broke the NFL. He is the reason why fans today complain about the kickoff rule. Kickoffs are no longer fun. When the NFL moved the line ahead, thus resulting in far more touchbacks, the odds of seeing another electric return man do anything close to what Hester did took a huge hit.

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Players won’t have a real chance to do what Hester became famous for nowadays. Hester’s 19 total return touchdowns are an NFL record. There has never been a more dangerous player in the open field than Hester in his prime, period. Put this man in the Hall of Fame before Edelman — and it’s not even a question.