Chicago Bears 7-Round Mock Draft: Ryan Pace goes nuclear

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There is a very specific, odd dynamic when it comes to how Chicago Bears fans feel about general manager Ryan Pace.

First of all, let’s establish the one clear commonality with all sports fans: they want to see their team succeed. That’s an easy common ground to agree on.

But, with Pace and the Bears, you have this peculiar feeling that they would be better off with a new general manager and leadership team going forward. Yet, in order to see that happen, the Bears would likely have to fall on their faces in 2021 — and that could happen.

Still, as fans, it wouldn’t be easy to see that happen to the Bears. There’s still a part of us all that would be crushed to see the Bears finish the 2021 season as a laughing stock, even if it meant new direction in 2022.

Should Ryan Pace and the Chicago Bears give 2021 one last major swing?

The 2021 NFL Draft has been dominated by these top five quarterbacks which we could see all go within the top 10 picks, or even sooner. That would leave the Bears on the outside looking in at the position, assuming Pace doesn’t make a drastic move to slide up.

Will the Bears be fine with Andy Dalton under center this season? Sure, they would. The Bears may finish between 7-10 and 9-8 (remember, a 17th game was added) and miss the playoffs, while fetching another mid-first rounder in next year’s draft.

Chicago won’t be terrible by any means, but that doesn’t mean they can compete for anything serious. If Pace wanted to give it one last shot to secure his job going forward and attempt to fix the quarterback position, he should think about a big trade.

In our latest mock draft, Pace doesn’t just make one move, though. He goes absolutely nuclear. This is not a mock draft for the faint of heart.