The Chicago Bulls Defense: A breakdown of mishaps and fixes

(Photo by David Berding/Getty Images)
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The Bulls find themselves flat-footed a lot of the time on defense. Not fighting through screens, lacking on help-defense, or simply not thinking in defensive situations has cost them plenty of buckets.

Take the Bulls game against the Phoenix Suns for example. If you watch the second half of this game and the final four minutes of this video, you will constantly see Chris Paul getting matched up with big men Vucevic and Theis.

The Bulls have had this happen to them plenty of times, mostly with Vucevic getting stuck on opposing guards. Guards need to be active and work on defense to keep Vucevic near the paint, where he belongs on defense.

Here is another good example of the Bulls failing to stick to their assignments and forcing Vucevic onto Steph Curry. This failure goes back to pick-and-roll defense as a whole for the Bulls.

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Something needs to change for the Bulls on defense to avoid these things from happening. Their defensive lapses have been the main issue for them this season. Reverting to my main point on the first page, time will be key for the newcomers to figure out the defense.