Chicago Bears Rumors: 3 big trades that aren’t too late to make

Chicago Bears (Photo by Leon Halip/Getty Images)
Chicago Bears (Photo by Leon Halip/Getty Images) /
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All of the talk from here on out will be about how the Chicago Bears are going to approach the 2021 NFL Draft.

Will this be the last draft entrusted to general manager Ryan Pace and head coach Matt Nagy? Does the outcome of this draft hold any bearing on whether or not they will have a job next year, or has ownership already decided these two will be safe for a little while longer?

These are the questions fans wish they had answers to, because right now, it feels as though Nagy and Pace are locked in for the time being, regardless of how 2021 goes — both the draft and season.

Some fans continue to hold onto hope that Pace will pull off a major trade to move up and go get a quarterback in this year’s draft. With five first-round talents this year, it’s a tantalizing quarterback class and one the Bears should try to get in on. But, there’s a much more realistic world where the Bears do not come away with a top-tier quarterback in the draft.

Could the Chicago Bears still pull off a big trade, though?

It is very possible the Bears continue to talk with other teams, not in regards to deals simply involving picks, but also players.

There are still some situations around the league that have questions in need of concrete answers. Some answers will come in the form of a trade, but maybe closer to the draft.

One chapter that has yet to be completely closed is that of Russell Wilson, but for now, it doesn’t look as though the Bears will be able to land him. In fact, Seattle would be downright foolish to move Wilson at all.

But, a couple of other big names may still be on the move. Could the Bears get in on the action? The following three deals are big, and it’s not too late to pull off any one of them.