Chicago Blackhawks: Three trades to make with Montreal Canadiens

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Chicago Blackhawks, Calvin de Haan
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The Chicago Blackhawks might get a decent haul for Calvin de Haan.

The Montreal Canadiens have a decent defense and we know they are confident in their goaltending. Every team is looking for depth at the position and the Hawks have a guy that can help these teams fill the depth. It was reported that Zdeno Chara was close to going to Montreal during the offseason but opted to go to Washington because of COVID-19 related issues. That means that Montreal still might be interested in defense depth.

Calvin de Haan would get a little bit more in return than the other two for a couple of reasons. The first reason is that he is a top-four defenseman. Those are always at a premium around this time of year. The second is that he isn’t a pure rental. He has the rest of this season and all of next season on his contract which makes it a little bit easier to give something up for him. The Hawks have the potential to do well in this trade.

A 2021 second-round pick would be great for de Haan. That is a high enough draft pick that you can do a lot with. The 2021 fourth-round pick is also a really nice asset to add for a player that you are probably going to trade. Montreal might be extra willing to give up their fourth-round pick as well because they also have St. Louis Blues and Vegas Golden Knights pick via other trades. Seeing the Hawks replace him with some of their younger guys would be nice too.

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There are no rumors or anything involving these two teams but they would be perfect partners. The Hawks have lost a lot going into the deadline but being sellers doesn’t mean they can’t make the playoffs. It just means that the future is much more important.