Chicago Bears NFL Draft 2021: 5 scenarios trading out of the first

Chicago Bears, 2023 NFL Draft (Photo by Tom Pennington/Getty Images)
Chicago Bears, 2023 NFL Draft (Photo by Tom Pennington/Getty Images) /
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Chicago Bears, NFL Draft
Chicago Bears (Photo by Ethan Miller/Getty Images) /

For just one first-round pick, the Chicago Bears net four picks in return

The Bears have a history of trading with the Las Vegas Raiders, as we all know. The infamous Khalil Mack trade went down a few years back, which saw the former Raider pass rusher land with the Bears in a blockbuster deal when Jon Gruden had just taken over the team.

Now, the Bears could use their first-round selection to tempt the Raiders into another big deal. With just pick no. 20, Ryan Pace and the Bears get ahold of four Las Vegas selections.

The Bears jump all the way down to pick number 48 for their first selection in the draft, similar to last year where they picked at no. 42. From there, they will pick just a few picks later at no. 52. Then, in Round 3, the Bears will pick at no. 80 and no. 81 giving them back-to-back picks. Just two selections later, they will pick again at no. 84.

Along with the second rounder and two thirds, the Bears also acquire a fifth-round pick from the Raiders.

To recap, that’s a second, two thirds and a fifth for the no. 20 overall selection. Maybe Las Vegas would ask for a sixth rounder in return as well, which wouldn’t be too difficult to part with.