Chicago Bears 7-Round Mock Draft: A trade back equals top-tier value

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With their last pick in the draft, the Bears had to grab another player from Khalil Mack’s alma mater. Buffalo wide receiver Antonio Nunn is the ideal late-round flier.

This past season, Nunn was only able to get into the end zone twice. But, over his 2019 season, Nunn caught 49 passes for 687 yards and six scores.

To best sum up the type of receiver the Bears would be getting, Nunn is a smart route runner and gets himself open with relative ease. He possesses great hands and does the little things right.

However, he gets brought down too easily and isn’t as strong as he should be for his size. He doesn’t do much after the catch, as he’ll get tackled if he’s within an arm’s distance from a defender. But, in the end, Nunn is a guy who gets off the line of scrimmage in a hurry and can get open. If the Bears need a guy who simply catches the football, Nunn will do that for them.

All in all, this draft haul is a pretty well-rounded one for the Bears. It’s not the flashy one some are hoping for, but it’s the more realistic route the Bears could take. Moving back in the first and acquiring another valuable pick is a great move. Then, moving up to snag a fourth-round selection is another trade fans would like to see.

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Would the Bears compete right away after this draft? Maybe, maybe not. But, this is going to set them up better for the future and then, maybe in 2022 they can attack an elite quarterback talent in the first round.