Chicago Bears: Draft day trades to pull off with the Denver Broncos

Chicago Bears (Photo by Dustin Bradford/Getty Images)
Chicago Bears (Photo by Dustin Bradford/Getty Images) /
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Chicago Bears, Drew Lock
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If the Broncos are out on Drew Lock, could the Chicago Bears try and get him?

This may be a crazy idea. It might even turn out to be the worst idea ever. But, for a team desperate for a quarterback, maybe it’s worth a shot.

If the Broncos are truly out on Drew Lock, and looking for an upgrade at pick no. 9 or via trading for a veteran, maybe the Bears could tantalize them with an offer.

When you look at the deal that was just done for Sam Darnold, a trade for Lock would have to be similar. But, the Broncos could also get Nick Foles back in the deal in order to back up or compete with whomever they also end up with.

Is the future brighter for Darnold or Lock? One may venture to guess Darnold, but Lock has not had nearly enough time on the field to develop either. Again, this could be an idea that gets laughed at over and over again. But, this is coming from a Bears fan desperate for a quarterback.

Maybe, just maybe, getting thrown into a competition with (or forced to sit behind) Andy Dalton would be good for Lock. Maybe it pushes him to develop quicker and get better. Or, maybe, Lock just isn’t all that good. Both could be true.