Chicago Bears: Non-quarterbacks to aggressively trade up for

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Chicago Bears, Jaylen Waddle
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Non-QBs the Chicago Bears should trade up for: WR Jaylen Waddle, Alabama

Before his injury last season, Jaylen Waddle was looked at as the second-best receiver in the draft, right after Chase. In some folks’ eyes, he was even ahead of Chase. But, his injury gave his teammate an opportunity of a lifetime — DeVonta Smith, of course, earned the Heisman.

But, we cannot forget just how dynamic Waddle is. His skill set is so far out of this world and can be used in any offense.

Waddle is a player who seemingly always has a chance to take it to the house, no matter what type of route he’s running or where he’s at on the field. His quickness and ability to shed tacklers is elite. This part of his game was even on display as a returner throughout his time in college.

Having experience lining up both on the outside and in the slot, Waddle would give the Bears some flexibility with where they could place him. He’s not a receiver that’s specific to certain formations. Waddle is a guy you want on the field no matter what, and he’ll just make plays. It’s that simple.

Over his three years with the Crimson Tide, Waddle averaged 18.9 yards per reception. Normally, you would think that’s reminiscent of a receiver who doesn’t get targeted too often. But, this is who he is as a player, and it’s not just on deep routes. Waddle catches the football and immediately gets up field.

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Depending on how the first round shakes out, the Bears may not have to move up too high to land this kid, and they should.