Chicago Bears: Non-quarterbacks to aggressively trade up for

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Chicago Bears, DeVonta Smith
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Non-QBs the Chicago Bears should trade up for: WR DeVonta Smith, Alabama

At the start of the offseason, wide receiver was one of the biggest question marks on this football team. Fans had no idea what was going to happen with Allen Robinson. After Robinson was given the franchise tag, it got even uglier for a bit. We heard that Robinson had no plans to sign the tag, which would leave the Bears in a messy situation.

Finally, the free agent receiver market proved to be less than ideal and Robinson came around. But, the Bears still need to work on a long-term deal and get it done before mid-July.

Despite Robinson being here for just one more year, the thought of adding this past year’s Heisman Trophy winner might be too good to pass up. Depending on how far DeVonta Smith fell, the Bears would have to think about jumping up and getting him.

The top of the first round will be interesting, with potentially five quarterbacks going in the top 15 picks. You have to believe a couple of tackles, at least one cornerback and obviously Ja’Marr Chase will go as well. There is a chance that Smith drops past pick number 10.

If he does, the Bears have to go get him. If Pace is truly all-in on Dalton this year, then adding Smith to the offensive arsenal would be one of his best moves. We don’t have to spend any time talking about how good he is. Smith is always open and knows how to get into the end zone after the catch, period. His only knock is his weight, which is a minor concern.

Having a core of Robinson, Smith and Darnell Mooney would give the Bears a lethal trio going into the season.