Chicago Bears: Draft day trades to make with Miami Dolphins

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Chicago Bears (Photo by Mark Brown/Getty Images) /
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Chicago Bears, Allen Robinson
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Allen Robinson could be an intriguing trade chip between the Chicago Bears and Miami Dolphins

Lastly, the Bears could get creative and bold in their efforts to go get a quarterback in the first round. Let’s say the Dolphins held firm and told Chicago that they wanted a sure fire offensive stud at number six overall.

Well, the Bears could give them just that, although it would hurt.

There are pros and cons to sending Allen Robinson to the Dolphins here. Obviously, losing a playmaker like him is going to take a toll on the offense.

But, only giving up two firsts to move up and (hopefully) get either Lance or Fields, would be a win.

The 49ers had to give up more than two firsts to move up with the Dolphins in the first place, and if the Bears didn’t have to give up that much, then they come out pretty solid on their side.

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Not to mention, getting DeVante Parker in return would help ease the urgency in replacing Robinson if they didn’t want to spend a high pick on a receiver at that point. Parker and Darnell Mooney would be a formidable duo, although getting another wideout in the mix would solidify the core.