Chicago Bears: Draft day trades to make with Miami Dolphins

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Chicago Bears, Tarik Cohen
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The Chicago Bears could look to trade Tarik Cohen for a pick

Since he entered the league, Tarik Cohen has proven he can be electric with the ball in his hands. But, his first two years were his peak in terms of performance. Last year, of course, he was hurt. But, in 2019, Cohen looked a bit different.

Sure, he’s still a potential home run at any given point. But, where he was counted on the most, Cohen fell short. The Bears use him a lot at punt returner, but Cohen was far more indecisive in 2019 than he had been in his first two seasons. He took a lot of punt returns and went either sideways or backwards when he shouldn’t have.

Now that Chicago has Damien Williams in the backfield, they shouldn’t be using Cohen as much. Williams is a proven backup running back and excellent third down back. For the immediate future, Cohen serves only as a punt returner.

If the Bears could send him to Miami for a pick, they should do so. Paying Cohen for the next three years to be a ho-hum punt returner doesn’t seem to make a ton of sense. In Miami, he would become an instant upgrade on third downs.

Currently, the Dolphins have a stockpile of mediocre running backs they have used and gotten the most they could possibly get out of them. Cohen would become a guy the Dolphins got on the field right away, whereas the Bears now have a different backup running back to starter David Montgomery.