Chicago Cubs: Three young players to follow this year

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Chicago Cubs, Brailyn Marquez
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Prospect #2: LHP Brailyn Marquez

While some Cubs fans may already be familiar with pitcher Brailyn Marquez, many haven’t heard much about a guy who some describe as a future ace of the pitching staff. Marquez has been in the Cubs system since 2015 when he was signed as a teenager in the Dominican Republic.

Since then, the team has taken their time with the stout lefty. They opted to delay his start of spring training this season to “Ramp him back up” according to pitching coach Tommy Hottovy. It’s clear the Cubs view Marquez as a potential superstar and want to protect his arm.

While Marquez may be firmly slotted into his spot in AA this year, he actually made one appearance in the majors last season. It didn’t go well. Marquez gave up five earned runs in two-thirds of an inning and struck out one. It was a rough outing for the young star.

After getting drilled by the White Sox in his one appearance in late September last year, the team is taking a long-term approach and hoping they can start the transformation for Marquez into an ace starting pitcher.

It’s possible that we don’t see Marquez at all in the majors this year and I’m okay with that. If this team isn’t competitive towards the end of the season and the team feels Marquez isn’t ready to come up I’m not sure if they’ll throw him back out there again. Whatever happens, remember this guy’s name. It’s the best shot the Cubs have at a true homegrown ace pitcher which is something they haven’t had in years.