Chicago Bears: This guy could be the Bears’ new starting quarterback

Chicago Bears (Photo by Abbie Parr/Getty Images)
Chicago Bears (Photo by Abbie Parr/Getty Images) /

The Chicago Bears quarterback options are starting to thin and one option is emerging as a possible final candidate for the job.

NFL insider Ian Rappoport said on NFL Network that Andy Dalton is “generating significant interest” from teams that need a quarterback, like the Chicago Bears.

The Bears have introduced a lot of quarterback news to fans recently. First and most obviously, the Bears are set to allow their past starting quarterback from the last three seasons, Mitch Trubisky, to explore free agency. This comes as no surprise to fans because he has been unsuccessful in the last two seasons with the Bears.

The Bears are taking their hacks in securing a trade for Seattle Seahawks quarterback Russell Wilson. The trade would require a handful of day-one draft selections and possible high-level players off the Bears’ roster. It may even require a third team to help out, like the New York Jets.

Now, the Bears have been linked to showing interest in Dallas Cowboys‘ backup quarterback, Andy Dalton. Before every Bears fan storms Halas Hall, let’s talk about some surprising statistics you may not know about Andy Dalton.

Dalton is one place behind Russell Wilson in career yards, he has a better career completion percentage than Brett Favre, he has a winning record as a starting quarterback, and he has more fourth-quarter comebacks in his career than Aaron Rodgers.

Last season, things did not go particularly well for Dalton, who served as the team’s backup after Dak Prescott suffered a season-ending injury. Dalton went 4-5 as a starter, threw for under 200 yards per game, 14 total touchdowns, and eight interceptions. He also missed time last season with a concussion and COVID-19, causing the Cowboys to scramble for a quarterback, which ended up being Ben DiNucci and Garrett Gilbert.

Is Dalton a great quarterback? Not really. Is he a manageable quarterback? Sure, in the right system. However, the Bears don’t have a lot to offer Dalton on the offensive side. The offensive line is still in repair, and our wide receiver core could be left in shambles if Allen Robinson decides not to play.

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Time is running short for the Bears’ quarterback hunt in free agency. The New Orleans Saints signed back their backup quarterback, Jameis Winston, to a one-year $12 million contract. The Washington Football Team signed Ryan Fitzpatrick to a one-year $10 million deal, pairing him up with their previous playoff stud in Taylor Heinicke.

The Bears might use their number 20 pick in the 2021 NFL draft to grab their next starting quarterback. The Bears were present for North Dakota State quarterback Trey Lance’s pro day. They would need to trade up to secure themselves a solid starter in this draft, as the demand for a quarterback is getting stronger in the draft.

Let’s review. The Bears are down to limited choices at this time for a new quarterback. They could hope that the Seahawks would be willing to give up their star quarterback via trade. The Bears could pick what’s left of free agency — Marcus Mariota, Jacoby Brissett, Alex Smith, Andy Dalton, etc. They could go to the draft in hopes of pulling out Trey Lance or Mac Jones with their pick. Or, they could stick to their plan from the last offseason — Nick Foles.

Truly, only one of these plans sticks out to Bears fans and creates a probable winning season for the Bears’ 2021-2022 season, and it’s Wilson.

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The bottom line is this — Wilson or no Wilson, the Bears’ performing a losing record next season wouldn’t be the worst idea. A losing season would lead to an inevitable domino effect of firings around the organization, and a really high draft pick in 2022.