Chicago Bears: Trey Lance pro day and possible draft day trades

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The Chicago Bears — head coach Matt Nagy and general manager Ryan Pace — were present for Trey Lance‘s pro day at North Dakota State on Friday afternoon.

The Chicago Bears might be looking at taking Trey Lance on draft day. How good is Lance? Where is Lance supposed to go in the draft?

Lance had a weird college career, playing only one full season of football in 2019. This past season, NDSU canceled their football season in August due to COVID-19, however, they scheduled and won one game against Central Arkansas.

The 2019 season was easily Lance’s best since it was his only full season.  He completed 66.9 percent of his 287 attempts for 2,786 yards, 28 touchdowns, and zero interceptions. Yes, zero interceptions in 16 games.

The biggest struggle with Lance is the ability to scout him with the minimal sample size of college football he provided in three years. On the bright side, his physicality is tremendous. Lance is an outstanding 6-foot-4 and weighs 227 pounds.

Lance showed a lot of his ability in his pro day. The biggest takeaway from his workout was his ability to throw a powerful fastball to short routes. He throws like Deshaun Watson in that sense — a bullet without needing a windup or an extra step. He can just gun it. Lance showed off his deep ball, pocket mobility, and throwing on the run.

CBS has Trey Lance going eighth overall in their mock draft to the Carolina Panthers. NBC Sports has him going fourth overall to the Atlanta Falcons. Both of these teams were present for his pro day on Friday, along with 28 other NFL teams.

If the Chicago Bears want Lance to be their next quarterback, they will need to move up in the draft order. Check out these three trades that would put them in a better spot to acquire Lance.

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