Russell Wilson sees Chicago Bears as an appealing team

The Chicago Bears desperately need a quarterback. Some people consider Russell Wilson a top-five quarterback in franchise history already just for saying he’d consider playing there. In all reality, they are a team that hasn’t had a good quarterback in 100 years of existence. It is a joke there and it will continue to be as long as the most important position in the game is weak. They have a pretty good roster outside of that quarterback position so filling it might take them to the next level.

Clearly, Wilson of the sees that as well. He is widely regarded as a top-five quarterback in the NFL right now and rightfully so. You can even make an argument that he is the best in the NFL not named Patrick Mahomes. The Seattle Seahawks and Wilson’s marriage seem to be getting close to the end and the rumor mills are really heating up.

The latest report is that Wilson sees the positives in the Bears and that makes them an appealing team to play for. Apparently, he sees an emerging offensive line, a good solid offensive mind in Matt Nagy, and an intriguing market to play in. If all of those things are true, the Bears need to run through that open door. Some people might disagree with some of those things that Wilson sees in the Bears but you have to trust his judgment at this point.

The ripple effect that this would have on the organization can’t be put into words. For one, they would finally have an elite quarterback. Mitchell Trubisky was a failure of a draft pick, both Nick Foles and Mike Glennon were bad signings by Ryan Pace, and the offense hasn’t been able to score under his leadership. This is a move that could save the job of both Nagy and Pace for a long time, especially if Wilson plays like a top-three quarterback.

Another big thing is that it could change the way Allen Robinson sees things. He is the Bears’ number one offensive weapon who is on an expired contract. The Bears could franchise tag him but that doesn’t guarantee that he will show up. A deal, however, would likely get done if the Bears had Wilson.  It would also help the team take advantage of their defense that has been going to waste for three years now.

Wilson’s assessment is interesting. The offensive line was pretty bad early in the year but they did come alive towards the end. If they added Wilson and used pick number 20 in the draft to take a tackle, it could certainly be good in 2021. Matt Nagy is considered a good offensive mind but clearly failed with a bad quarterback. Maybe his genius would come to light if he didn’t have a QB that stinks.

As for the market, we all know how awesome Chicago is. Wilson would thrive in a town like this that needs him off the field just as much as they need him on the field. He would love this city and how much people care about the Bears. This is a no-brainer if the Seahawks are willing.