Chicago Bears: Carson Wentz situation involved a lot of smoke

Chicago Bears (Photo by Ronald Martinez/Getty Images)
Chicago Bears (Photo by Ronald Martinez/Getty Images) /

The Chicago Bears will look elsewhere for a quarterback now that Carson Wentz has landed with the Indianapolis Colts.

Quite frankly, that was the plan all along for Chicago.

While social media was ablaze with Wentz rumors regarding the Bears, it was tough to weave through the garbage. There were so many different reports. Even a few folks from the Philadelphia media told us the Bears were going to make an offer which included certain players like Nick Foles or Tarik Cohen.

In the end, Wentz found himself in Indy, and the Bears are still looking for an answer at the quarterback position. The funny aspect of it all? Chicago never even made an offer.

Carson Wentz never made total sense for the Chicago Bears in the first place.

Despite reporters from Philadelphia and so-called NFL “insiders” feeding us juicy rumors and information they were supposedly hearing, the Bears never even made an offer for Wentz. Isn’t that just how the internet works?

If we haven’t learned by now, the golden rule of the NFL offseason is pretty simple: Unless something is reported by a person with the last name Schefter, Rapoport, Pelissero or Mortenson, it’s probably worth waiting before freaking out.

There’s a lot of folks out there wishing and hoping they could be the next Adam Schefter, but until proven otherwise, the experts should be the only ones trusted — period.

So, now that Wentz is in Indianapolis, what’s next for the Bears?

Looking at the crop of free agent quarterbacks, it’s pretty slim pickings. There is hardly a way for the Bears to end up with Dak Prescott, so we can forget about that idea. Aside from Prescott, it’s guys like Ryan Fitzpatrick, Jacoby Brissett and Tyrod Taylor who are available.

Are the Bears really about to hand the keys to the car to one of those quarterbacks? Let’s hope not.

The veteran quarterback trade market seems to be running dry with the Atlanta Falcons likely holding onto Matt Ryan. Maybe the San Francisco 49ers cut Jimmy Garoppolo, with the Bears having one other option to sign as a free agent.

One of the top rumors now sees the Bears trading for Sam Darnold, who has yet to break out as a pro. However, he has been stuck under the tutelage of Adam Gase his entire career thus far. Some wonder if he could become a legitimate starter in this league still.

If it’s not a veteran, then it’s a rookie. The Bears might have a shot at Mac Jones at no. 20 overall, but the other top four quarterbacks will most likely be gone by then. If Ryan Pace wants to assure himself a top rookie quarterback, trading up is the only way to go.

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What we do know for sure is that maybe, just maybe, we can trust Pace just a little bit more after learning he had never made an offer for Wentz.