Chicago Bears: Top potential replacements for Allen Robinson

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Chicago Bears, Allen Robinson

Chicago Bears (Photo by James Gilbert/Getty Images)

Could the Chicago Bears see Allen Robinson walk in free agency?

We are only a couple of days into the 2021 Chicago Bears offseason and it’s already getting interesting. One of the most crucial situations at hand for the Bears this year will be the handling of wide receiver Allen Robinson.

His 3-year contract with the Bears expires this offseason, and Chicago has a couple of options when it comes to Robinson’s future. First of all, they could open contract extension talks and try to get something done. But, according to Robinson, that ship may have already sailed.

If Robinson’s camp doesn’t want to engage in extension talks, the Bears could opt for the franchise tag. That way, Robinson will have two choices: either he plays for the Bears this season or sits out.

Another option, although unlikely, would be if the Bears decided to sign and trade Robinson. Whether or not that’s via the franchise tag is another question. But, Robinson could still be playing for another team while the Bears actually net something in return rather than losing him for nothing.

It’s been pretty clear Robinson is frustrated with the Bears and his having to live with yet another poor quarterback situation — as he has for most of his football career.

There is a real possibility the Bears are playing their Week 1 game later this year without Robinson in uniform. It’s not a reality fans love to picture, but that’s just how it is. The situation is going to become even more delicate, therefore fans will have to keep in mind that they may be looking at a different no. 1 receiver in Chicago come March or April.

But, who could replace Robinson in Chicago if he does indeed head out? There are a few solid options for the Bears, starting in the NFC North.

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