Chicago Bears show they weren’t an actual playoff team

The Chicago Bears showed that they didn’t deserve to be in the playoffs.

The Chicago Bears had the strangest of strange seasons this year. They started off well, played horribly in the middle, and finished somewhat strong. Of course, they backed into the playoffs with an 8-8 record thanks to some help from the Arizona Cardinals who had to lose a few games to make it possible. It didn’t feel right that they made it and their one playoff game proved that to be true. It wasn’t fun but the New Orleans Saints sort of made the Bears look even more unworthy to be there than we thought.

It doesn’t feel talked about enough that the Bears were the first seventh seed in the history of the NFC. The NFL allowed an extra playoff team in each conference due to the COVID-19 pandemic which allowed the Bears to squeak in. It was cool that they got in and there is value to making the playoffs in most years but this was a waste.

This game against the Saints showed that the Bears have an offense that can’t score and the defense isn’t good enough to mask it. It was on full display in this game and perhaps even exaggerated a little bit. It was sort of embarrassing but now there needs to be something good to come of it. The offseason should revolve around what made it impossible to win this game.

Hopefully, the organization was able to learn a thing or two from this game. There need to be changes made. The quarterback position is not what it needs to be to win a championship and that needs to be addressed. They also need to fix the offensive line and pretty much most of the offense in general. The defense is okay but it has become overrated on top of the fact as it is an aging defense. The roster is what it is but the guy currently running the show shouldn’t be the one to fix it. Ryan Pace has mostly been bad at his job and his time to go is now.

Another talking point this season has been the head coach. He has claimed to let go of playcalling duties but nobody believes him and it has all just been a big disaster. It took him way too long to realize that Mitchell Trubisky wasn’t Patrick Mahomes and now it is too late. He has been mostly terrible at his job since the first season when they went 12-4. They have now been 8-8 in back to back years and one of the two times they made the playoffs where they were beaten badly.

It is a rotten shame that the Bears are going to end their season like this but it is what it is. Now, they don’t have an ideal draft pick in the first round but they can still get a very good player at that spot. Talk of that portion of the offseason is for another day but for now, we can just realize that some new voices and talents are needed. There are a few nice pieces on this team but there are some big issues as well and 2020 proved that big time.