Chicago Bears: Rumored quarterbacks to the Bears in 2021

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Chicago Bears, Mitchell Trubisky

Chicago Bears (Photo by Stacy Revere/Getty Images)

For the Chicago Bears, just how different will the quarterback position look in 2021?

Despite getting into the 2021 NFL Postseason by the skin of their teeth, the Chicago Bears should absolutely plan on switching things up at the quarterback position.

The Nick Foles experiment was an obvious failure, as the offense sputtered throughout his mid season stint as the starting quarterback. As if fans thought the playbook couldn’t be scaled back any more with Mitchell Trubisky at the helm last year, it shrunk even more with Foles under center.

Foles is about as mobile as a mud-covered sloth in the middle of a hurricane, which is why Trubisky’s second shot at being the starter this year looked so much better. The offense could do a bit more with a mobile quarterback.

Still, the playbook has been limited. Exhibit A should be the performance we saw from Trubisky against an actual, formidable defense on Sunday in the Green Bay Packers. All he could do was check down and get the ball to his receivers on 2-yard routes or quick screens to the outside. It was painful to watch.

Outside of the deep shot to Darnell Mooney, Trubisky really only threw it down field once — and it was the interception which sealed the game for Green Bay.

In the coming offseason, there will hopefully be changes to the coaching staff as well as the quarterback room. Just how different will it be? Who knows. But, there are some folks who believe the Bears could drastically shake things up.

On the flip side. some think that Ryan Pace will continue to go his usual route like he has in the past with Foles and Mike Glennon. Here are a few quarterbacks rumored to be in the mix for the Bears this offseason — which could come sooner rather than later depending on the postseason outcome.

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