Chicago Blackhawks: Dylan Strome headlines possible trade packages

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Could the Chicago Blackhawks trade Dylan Strome if they can’t come to a deal ahead of 2021?

If the Chicago Blackhawks want to sign Dylan Strome to a contract in time to have him on the ice for the 2020-21 season, they better do it quick. It is approaching quickly and Training Camp is set to begin in a couple of days. The Blackhawks need as much help as they can get with all of the injuries they have sustained recently so making sure Strome is there should be at the top of their list. It does seem like he is very important so a decision of some sort should be made soon.

Strome was very good when he came to the Chicago Blackhawks. He was struggling to be consistent as a member of the Arizona Coyotes before the trade so he had to be thrilled to come to the Blackhawks. He was able to reunite with his junior linemate in Alex DeBrincat and they were awesome together.

The issue for the Hawks is that he is hard to evaluate a salary for. He has the potential to be a very good centerman that can put up a lot of points. His ability to create offense and make those around him better is very good when he is on top of his game. He can also score the puck pretty well which is valuable in his own right.

If this problem of him not being signed becomes a lingering issue, the Hawks might just trade him. They have the salary flexibility to sign him but they might just also might want to move on. He is only 23 so he fits the mold of a kid you keep during a rebuild but if they can’t find a deal, they should just trade him for more assets. These are three trade packages that might work: