Chicago Cubs: Three Yu Darvish trade packages with Padres

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Trade Three

What if the Padres wanted to snag a catcher from the Cubs in the Yu Darvish trade but weren’t willing to give up their top prospect in a blockbuster? Well, they might consider Victor Caratini in a little bit smaller of a trade. Even if it was Caratini instead of Contreras, it would still be a massive trade for both teams. Caratini isn’t as good but he would surely be able to help them with that position.

Campusano is still going to the Cubs in a deal like this. They are still probably going to trade Contreras elsewhere so if both he and Caratini are gone, they are going to need a future catcher. Campusano is one of the best young catchers in the game and should be a great MLB player.

Hudson Head is San Diego’s number nine prospect. He is an outfielder that was a third-round pick, 84th overall, in the 2017 MLB Draft. He is considered a five-tool player that is good at a lot of things which is exactly what the Cubs need to add to their organization. If he came in and was a successful outfielder, their transition away from some of the 2016 stars could go smoothly.

David Bednar is San Diego’s number 25 prospect. When you start talking about prospects like Bednar, they are guys who could be MLB players but it is less likely. Still, the Cubs should add as much pitching as they can in trades like this in hopes that they hit on a few.

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It seems like Darvish is on his way out and it is the right move to make. They need to stockpile prospects and rebuild this roster the right way. If they can add a catcher to the mix it might make a team like San Diego more likely to add a big piece. Hopefully, whatever trade is made sees both teams get what they need.