Chicago Bears: 15 possible replacements for Mitchell Trubisky

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1. Chicago Bears’ best replacements for Mitchell Trubisky: Dak Prescott

Before Dak Prescott was taken out for the year due to a gruesome injury, he was on a blistering pace. In his five games (more like four and a half), Prescott had already thrown for 1,856 yards and nine touchdowns. He had also rushed for three scores.

If you take his season-long pace, Prescott was looking at 5,939 passing yards and 39 total touchdowns between the air and ground. For the Dallas Cowboys, the injury certainly threw a wrench in their future.

Prescott had turned down a contract extension because his desire was to be paid around $40 million per season. Getting hurt may have cost him that number, but he could still get close to it. Now, whether that’s from Dallas or another team remains to be seen.

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Jerry Jones is a curious character. He likes his money, and he’s not necessarily afraid to spend it — so long as he spends it his way. It’s apparent he wasn’t ready to give Prescott big money, so will the injury only cement Jones’ perspective? No matter what Jones has said since Prescott’s injury or what he says going forward, no one knows what’s really going to happen.

Prescott could enter free agency and have a few teams ready to pay him what he wants. The bidding could get intense, and if the Bears want to solidify their franchise quarterback for years to come, they could enter that discussion. The only issue would be the fact that they’d have to sacrifice some serious talent in order to open up some room financially.