Chicago Bears: 15 possible replacements for Mitchell Trubisky

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12. Chicago Bears’ best replacements for Mitchell Trubisky: Jameis Winston

Now we get into the territory of a couple of guys who play what many like to call “YOLO ball.” Jameis Winston can throw for 400 yards in any given game, no matter the defense. He’ll also throw for a few touchdowns in that same game. But, more often than not, Winston will accompany that stat line with a couple of interceptions at the very least.

Decision-making isn’t necessarily Winston’s strong suit, but even last year, fans wondered whether this Bears team would have been better off with a guy like Winston instead of Trubisky.

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While Winston can be reckless, he can also make plays, plain and simple. There’s no denying some of the throws we’ve seen this guy make back in Tampa Bay. But, the question is, will he be available this offseason?

Sean Payton has said Winston will have a chance to be the heir to the throne which Drew Brees currently sits. But, at the same time, the Saints have committed a decent amount of money to Taysom Hill.

The Saints apparently still plan to use Hill how they’ve been using him, but giving him the reins to the starting job while Brees was hurt this season certainly threw some confusion into the heads of Saints fans. If Payton says the Saints would bring Winston back after this 1-year deal is up, and give him a shot to start, why throw Hill into the starting role this year?