Chicago Bears Rumors: Matt Nagy might be safe, but why?

Chicago Bears (Photo by James Gilbert/Getty Images)
Chicago Bears (Photo by James Gilbert/Getty Images) /

Should Matt Nagy actually return as head coach of the Chicago Bears next season?

Although the future for Matt Nagy should be in doubt according to many fans, the Chicago Bears may not be granting such a request just yet.

Prior to the game on Sunday against the Jacksonville Jaguars, the Bears were exactly 15-15 in their last 30 games. Last season, they ended 8-8. This year, they were sitting at 7-7. The definition of mediocrity is exactly what you’ve seen in Chicago for nearly two seasons now.

So, with nothing truly changing, why wouldn’t the Bears be searching for a new head coach in 2021? Why would they want to continue putting up with a “not bad enough, but not good enough” type of team?

It all stems from leadership, and if you ask a lot of folks, they would tell you Nagy needs to go. But, a report coming out on Sunday morning says differently.

ESPN’s Jeremy Fowler reported that Nagy will likely return in 2021, writing this via Twitter:

"“Multiple people around NFL believe the Bears will retain Matt Nagy for 2021, as a win over Jacksonville would ensure three seasons of at least eight wins. Final two weeks must play out but Nagy’s team responded to midseason struggles and coach appears well-positioned.”"

The Bears’ offensive resurgence has been a positive, no doubt. But, look at the facts, here. The Bears have scored over 30 points in three straight games, but they’ve done so against the Lions, Texans and Vikings. The best of those defenses is Minnesota, who is right around the middle of the pack overall.

Mitchell Trubisky also looks positioned to return with how he’s responded in his second chance as a starter this year, but his play next week against the Packers will tell us a lot more about who he is at this very moment.

It’s been nice to see the offense put more points on the board, but the part of this report fans should be furious about is this: Fowler specifically stated “three seasons of at least eight wins” being the deciding factor with Nagy.

Three seasons in a row of being O.K. is good enough to keep you around? I suppose, if your name is Marvin Lewis, then you might be safe in that instance. But, the Bears are going to keep Nagy around because he’s won at least eight games in his first three years? That, in and of itself, is a hilarious qualifier when it comes to saving a head coach’s job.

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Year 1 was a honeymoon. Year 2, the Bears came back down to earth. This year, once more, mediocrity is at the forefront. So, why is Nagy safe? It’s easy: The Bears are historically cheap, and as long as they aren’t a bad football team, that’s good enough for the McCaskeys.