Chicago Bears: Landing spots for Mitch Trubisky in 2021

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Let’s start with the Bears. It’s entirely possible that Trubisky returns to the Bears next season. He’ll likely test the free-agent market, which would be advantageous for both sides. Trubisky would get to see what his true market value is, while the Bears could end up retaining Trubisky for a much lower price than having to franchise tag him.

If Trubisky is the reason that the Bears finished out 2020 on a high note, it’s more than likely that general manager Ryan Pace is retained. That means Pace would need to figure out a way to get creative and keep Trubisky around, while also retaining key pieces like Allen Robinson.

An ideal contract for Trubisky would likely be a one-year deal worth $20 million dollars. The Bears have to understand one thing: If they sign Trubisky to a contract in 2021, they cannot commit to him for more than two years. 2021 should be another prove-it year for him. In what is expected to be a full offseason, the Bears need to see if Trubisky can really hold off Foles or whoever the front office brings in to compete with him.

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As much as some Bears fans don’t want to see it, Trubisky might just be the franchise’s best option for 2021. If the Bears continue winning games and end up sneaking into the playoffs, they’ll be playing themselves out of quarterback range, meaning Trubisky ends up playing a fifth-year in Chicago.