Chicago Bears: Landing spots for Mitch Trubisky in 2021

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What are five landing spots for Chicago Bears quarterback Mitchell Trubisky in 2021?

The Chicago Bears are in an intriguing dilemma. They benched Mitchell Trubisky in week three and then turned to Nick Foles for nearly two months. When Foles injured his back in week 10 against the Minnesota Vikings on Monday Night Football, the Bears were forced to turn back to Trubisky.

Fast forward nearly a month later and the Bears offense has come to life. Over the last four games, Trubisky has posted a completion percentage of 67.91, tossed eight touchdowns to just three interceptions, and posted a passer rating of 99.7. Those numbers aren’t eye-opening by any means but if there is one main takeaway, it’s that Trubisky is playing better than Foles.

Trubisky’s recent resurgence has led the Bears fanbase to consider an intriguing scenario: Should the Bears consider bringing Trubisky back in 2021? It’s a question that just six weeks ago, many would have never considered asking.

Nobody, not even Trubisky knows what his future is set to look like. However, we do know one thing: He’s set to be a free agent in 2021. Unless general manager Ryan Pace returns and decides to sign him to a contract extension or use the franchise tag, which would be nearly $25 million dollars, on Trubisky, he’ll be a free agent and can sign wherever he’d like to. That’s led to some speculation about where he could be playing next season, either as a starter or as a backup. So what are some landing spots for Trubisky in 2021? Let’s examine some potential spots and find out.