Chicago Bulls: Expectations have shifted on Patrick Williams

Chicago Bulls (Photo by Don Juan Moore/Getty Images)
Chicago Bulls (Photo by Don Juan Moore/Getty Images) /

The Chicago Bulls may not be able to manage expectations for their rookie.

I want Chicago Bulls fans to go back to the evening of the NBA Draft and remember where you were and what your immediate reaction (be honest with yourself) was when you learned the Bulls selected Florida State’s, Patrick Williams with the fourth overall pick.

At the time, there were a lot of fans who bemoaned the pick, citing, as their primary authority, the fact that he didn’t even start for his college team.

However, there were also many who saw the pick as the potential steal of the draft and recognized the immense talent that Williams possessed. The thought was if he could realize that potential, the Bulls could have a legitimate star on their hands.

Nevertheless, mainly because of the broad spectrum of possible outcomes, and the relative inexperience having played only one year at FSU, I cautioned that fans needed to be patient with Williams. If they could just fight the urge to expect immediate results and give him time, they might be pleasantly surprised with the result.

Now, as we sit more than a month removed from draft night, that may no longer be possible. That’s because of how good Williams has looked in the limited preseason action. In fact, after his first game, at least on social media, he was drawing comparisons to Kawhi Leonard.

Now, as the Bulls prepare for opening night against the Atlanta Hawks, we get word from K.C Johnson that Williams will likely start in his very first NBA game.

While fans should rightfully be thrilled to watch their young, prized draft pick play immediately, they must fight the urge to reset their expectations. Patience is still recommended, as there is a good chance Williams, just as many rookies do, will go through some growing pains as he adjusts to life in the league. This is even more true this year with a limited offseason program.

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So while expectations may have shifted a bit because of his preseason performance, it is important to maintain perspective and enjoy the development of a potential star.