Chicago Cubs: This is the perfect rotation for the 2021 season

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Chicago Cubs Jake Odorizzi
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Chicago Cubs. Jake Odorizzi. 12. player. 9. . SP

This spot is dependant on if the Chicago Cubs make any more moves this offseason. They have a lot of space on their roster if they are trying to win. If they are trying to save money then none of this would happen but if they are trying to win they should go for another starting pitcher. For the sake of them having a “perfect rotation”, we are assuming that they add one more pitcher. Adding a guy like Jake Odorizzi would be perfect for them on a one-year deal.

Odorizzi was injured during the 2020 season for the most part. He only managed to get into four games and his stats weren’t that good in those four games. However, Odorizzi was an all-star in 2019 during his last full season. If he brought that level of success to the Cubs in one year of service, it would make for a really good season on the mound for them as a unit.

There is even a chance that Odorizzi would end up higher than the number four starter. In a perfect world, he would be a second starter on a great team but he has to work his way back to that. He was great two years ago but he needs to work his way back to the level he was once at. His career sample size suggests that he would be worth the risk for one year if they are trying to win. Even if they added a different free agent, as long it was a good one like Odorizzi, this rotation could be great.