Are the Chicago Bears missing out on an opportunity to fix the GM?

Chicago Bears (Photo by Stacy Revere/Getty Images)
Chicago Bears (Photo by Stacy Revere/Getty Images) /

With the Chicago Bears refusing to make in-season moves, they could be missing out on an opportunity.

Over the past five season, Chicago Bears general manager Ryan Pace has taken the team on a rollercoaster ride full of hits and misses.

There’s been no bigger positive move than Pace trading a haul for Khalil Mack, working out a deal with the Raiders a few seasons ago. Mack has obviously worked out just fine, as he’s the no. 1 rated edge rusher this season, per PFF. You don’t need to listen to PFF, though, to realize just how impactful Mack has been in Chicago.

On the contrary, Pace has also made some moves which now look like they have set the Bears back a decade or more. We will never hear the end of the trade up to draft Mitchell Trubisky at no. 2 overall back in 2017, missing out on both Deshaun Watson and Patrick Mahomes.

The quarterback position has been Pace’s biggest downfall, and unfortunately for the Bears, that’s the most position in sports — not just football. Trubisky has not panned out as a franchise guy. The Mike Glennon signing looks even more hysterical today than it did when it happened. Then, you have the case of Nick Foles, who actually took the offense backwards in 2020.

If he’s failed over and over again at this position, there is no reason to keep Pace around any longer. Like the Bears, other teams have had issues up top. The Houston Texans, Detroit Lions and Jacksonville Jaguars are all searching for a new general manager at this very moment.

The Bears should be looking to replace Pace, but likely won’t do that until after the season is over if they choose to do so at all. This team doesn’t make in-season moves, even if they’re staring them right in the face — and that could lead to a huge miss on the Bears’ part.

The hot name amongst GM candidates has become former pro safety Louis Riddick, who is a current Monday Night Football broadcaster for ESPN. He’s now getting looks from those three aforementioned teams.

Many may not know this, but Riddick worked in an NFL front office for 13 years. He started with the Washington Redskins franchise back in 2001, as a scout. When his front office career came to a pause back in 2013, he was the director of pro personnel with the Philadelphia Eagles.

Some folks may only see him as a broadcaster, but don’t know the intelligence he possesses. With his experience spanning over a decade and his understanding of current NFL offenses and defenses, Riddick figures to be an intriguing hire for any team looking to fill it’s GM role.

It’s unfortunate the Bears are not going to make a move during the season, especially if they ride this small dose of momentum coming off the snapping of their 6-game losing streak against Houston.

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Riddick would be a great hire for the Bears, as he’s given us plenty of analysis of Chicago’s roster and front office over the last few years — and he always makes sense. He seems like the most logical, obvious choice to replace Pace. But, it looks as though the Bears won’t even be able to give him an opportunity.