Chicago Blackhawks: Displeasing front office moves are made

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(Photo by Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images) /

Chicago Blackhawks fans are probably going to be displeased with the front office moves.

The Chicago Blackhawks haven’t made a popular move in a long time. Wednesday marked another day in a long list of them where they have made a change that nobody is pleased with. Some changes to the front office of this organization have been needed for a long time now but we got some that we didn’t want here. There are three moves that were made and two of them deserve to be given a chance by the fanbase but the third almost ruins it all.

Let’s begin with the two moves that are fine. For one, Danny Wirtz is going to take over as the Chief Executive Officer of the organization. It is no surprise that the son of the team’s owner is going to hold this position but he is actually a good candidate for the job. He knows what he is doing at this point in his life and deserves this opportunity.

Jamie Faulkner is going to be the President of Business Operations. Her job is going to be focusing on the fan experience along with the business model. She is going to be in charge of strategy and corporate partnerships, customer relations, marketing communications, and ticketing to generate revenue. This is a move to love and something that could start making Blackhawks games feel a little different/fresh.

Now we get to the move that nobody is going to like. Stan Bowman has been bad at his job for a long time now so the Blackhawks decided to promote him. He is going to enter his 19th season with the organization but now he is both the General Manager and be the President of Hockey Operations. In his new role, he will oversee all aspects of hockey ops.

Seeing Bowman get promoted is tough news for Blackhawks fans. The only hope they can have is that John McDonough was the real problem and Stan was just made to look bad. All three of these promotions that the Hawks have made today are in replacement of things McDonough used to do. The promotion that will affect the product you see on the ice the most is the news about Bowman.

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We know the direction that the Blackhawks are going to be forced to go in soon. Their core that won multiple Stanley Cup championships is either gone or getting older so they need to retool their roster. Bowman is going to be in charge of doing that now. That’s right, the guy who lost three trades involving the same player (Brandon Saad) three times is going to lead a rebuild. It feels like a bad decision right now but of course, hopefully, it works out for the best.