Bears: Texans prove getting a quarterback won’t solve everything

Chicago Bears (Photo by Stacy Revere/Getty Images)
Chicago Bears (Photo by Stacy Revere/Getty Images) /

The Chicago Bears may need a quarterback but that won’t fix all of the problems.

The Chicago Bears played a good game against a bad Houston Texans team on Sunday afternoon. It was hard to get excited for the win because it feels like the win didn’t help a playoff chase (even though they are still alive) and it hurt their draft stock. It is going to be hard to land a top-ten pick now and things don’t seem to be getting better any time soon. It also made it feel like a game that might earn some people in the organization another chance.

The Texans proved one thing to Bears fans this past weekend and some people might not even realize it yet. They showed us that just because you have a quarterback, doesn’t mean that all of your problems are solved. With Deshaun Watson playing as good as he has this season, the Texans are still a bad football team.

Watson is one of the two superstars that the Bears picked Mitchell Trubisky ahead of but their records aren’t that far off. If you just took Deshaun Watson and just dropped him on the Bears, they would still stink. Patrick Mahomes might be a different story because he is on another level but Watson isn’t that far behind him if we are being honest with ourselves.

None of this is to say that the position isn’t the most important and the Bears are fine there because that just wouldn’t be true. It is just saying that if they fix that position, there are still many other things to fix before they can be a team that is good enough to win the Super Bowl. They need better offensive line play, a better scheme, and wide receivers who aren’t all about themselves.

Unless they somehow figure out a way to land one of Trevor Lawrence or Justin Fields, that position can wait. They need to build a great offensive line, add more weapons to the offense, and get rid of everyone in the front office. That includes the President of Football Operations, General Manager, and Head Coach. Until all of these things happen, the Bears will remain a mediocre football team.

Deshaun Watson is a great player. This is a guy who might be able to earn himself an MVP or two in his day. He plays so well and gives it his all in every single game but the Texans are just so bad. They make the Bears look like a good franchise which is saying something because they are a joke too.

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Trading a guy like DeAndre Hopkins for a guy like David Johnson was a laughable mistake and that is just one of the many things they have done to make playing there look hard. If they can’t win with that guy under center, it is hard to see them ever winning any time soon. Hopefully, the Bears can use these things to improve themselves going forward.