Chicago Bears Rumors: 3 desperation trades for Carson Wentz

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Chicago Bears (Photo by Mitchell Leff/Getty Images) /
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Trade No. 2

Let’s get weird.

It’s been mentioned by fans on social media, so it’s definitely relevant. Trading Khalil Mack is not the craziest idea, especially if it nets the Bears a hefty haul in return.

The Bears have to shore up their offense at multiple positions. Quarterback is just the start. If they’re going to do so, they’ll need multiple high draft picks or to get lucky with later picks panning out.

In order to acquire multiple top-end picks, the Bears would have to trade one of the NFL’s elite: Mack.

In this deal, the Eagles would be getting a top-5 defensive player in this league, so of course they will pay up. Chicago gets two first rounders in this deal while also sending a fifth-round pick back to Philadelphia.

The loss of Mack would sting in a big way, but this may be the time to turn a page and finally focus on scoring points before anything else. Defense no longer wins championships. You have to score points, and if a pair of firsts end up allowing the Bears to significantly improve their offense, that’s a win.