Chicago Bears Rumors: 3 desperation trades for Carson Wentz

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Chicago Bears (Photo by Mitchell Leff/Getty Images) /
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Chicago Bears, Nick Foles
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Trade No. 1

The first trade sees the Bears trading one bridge quarterback for a potentially better bridge quarterback. Let’s get one thing straight: If the Bears traded for Wentz, they’re still drafting a quarterback.

Thus, Wentz will still have pressure on him in Chicago. But, his contract will make it so the Bears keep him around for two years. Now, if Wentz turns things around, that is the best-case scenario for the Bears. They allow Trubisky to hit the road via free agency while getting rid of Foles, who has not been ideal for this type of offense. Meanwhile, Wentz has a shot to turn it around.

Foles in Philadelphia would be familiar, obviously. It would be his third stint with the Eagles and, this time, backing up yet another young quarterback in Hurts.

If anything, Foles would provide a nice sense of direction and support for Hurts, who is in the early stages of sparking his pro career.

Because Wentz’s contract would leave the Eagles with a $59.5 million cap hit if they released him in 2021, trading him would mean they’d have to send a pick over to the Bears, too. In order to free up a wholesome number of cap space, the Eagles would send Chicago a second rounder along with Wentz.

The Eagles could look at Chicago’s offer as the best potential deal out of other suitors strictly based off of Foles having familiarity with this team, staff and offense. They wouldn’t have to go out and find a brand-new backup quarterback who needed to learn everything from ground zero.