Chicago Bears: Deshaun Watson playing well would be great

Chicago Bears (Photo by Don Juan Moore/Getty Images)
Chicago Bears (Photo by Don Juan Moore/Getty Images) /

The Chicago Bears would be getting what they deserve if Deshaun Watson plays very well.

The Chicago Bears are a bad football franchise. They deserve everything that comes to them negatively from the media. They make poor decision after poor decision year after year and it shows with their play on the field. They started this season 5-1 but have lost every game since so now they are 5-7. They went from having a chance at the number one seed to being a team that might draft in the top ten. It is hard to admit but it is in their best interest to just keep losing.

We all know already how poor their decision was in 2017 when they traded up to select Mitchell Trubisky with the second overall pick. He isn’t good at all and they left Patrick Mahomes on the board. Mahomes is on track to be one of the greatest players in the history of the NFL and the Bears let him slip away. It becomes more and more apparent how awful their organization is with each passing week.

Even though Mahomes wasn’t projected to be quite this good, he wasn’t projected to be any worse than Trubisky. With that said, there was a quarterback available that was clearly going to advance to the NFL and be good. Deshaun Watson was coming off of some major success at the University of Clemson, including a National Championship defeat over Alabama who is loaded with pro talent on defense.

Watson isn’t quite as good as Mahomes but he is still in the conversation for the second-best quarterback in the NFL. Nobody would argue with the Bears if they currently had Watson but they decided he wasn’t worth it. It is a swing and a miss that is going to cost Ryan Pace his job but it would be funny to see Watson come to Soldier Field and absolutely embarrass them.

It would show the world (more than it is already known) that the Bears are a joke. It would also be a sign of how the Bears don’t do their due diligence properly because Watson is so awesome and Trubisky is bad. A big loss would also make them one step closer to the Bears losing enough games to get a good draft pick.

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Getting in the top ten would be good for them and losing as many games as possible is the biggest key to that. There is a good chance that they would be able to draft a good player with a high enough draft pick but Ryan Pace doesn’t deserve to be the guy making that pick. It would be very fitting for one of his biggest mistakes to come in and get the Bears one step closer to change.