Chicago Bears: Ted Phillips retiring would be just fine

Chicago Bears (Photo by Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images)
Chicago Bears (Photo by Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images) /

The Chicago Bears need Ted Phillips to go after the 2020 season is finally over.

Ted Phillips has been the President and CEO of the Chicago Bears for a long time now. He has been with the organization for even longer as he joined it in 1984. Things were well with the organization when he first got there but things haven’t been great in recent memory. In fact, since he took over as President, other than a few one-off years they have been bad. There are a couple of division titles and one Super Bowl appearance but that is it.

This is one of the most laughable organizations in all of the sports if we are being honest with ourselves. They hire bad general manager after bad general manager, bad coach after bad coach, and have bad quarterback after back quarterback. When Jay Cutler is the greatest quarterback in the history of your franchise, things are really bad.

It is time to start giving Ted Phillips some blame for these things. He is in charge of a lot of things and a lot of bad has come while he has been here. He deserves to go just as much as Ryan Pace and Matt Nagy do right now for what has happened in 2020. They are a horrible football team and it shows Sunday after Sunday. It has been over a month since they’ve last won a football game after starting 5-1 and now all fans want is for them to go 5-11.

The Bears might get the easy way out if Phillips “retires” but that would be fine. You don’t quite get the satisfaction of someone being fired for being bad at their job but the thing that truly matters is the Chicago Bears getting better. If he “retires”, that should lead to some change for the organization. You don’t have to be confident at this point that they will hire the right people but there is a better chance of things improving if they make a big move.

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The best candidate for a job like this is someone who is awesome at finding football people. Managing people and putting them in a position to succeed is the key to running a business. The next president needs to find a good GM who is a football person so they can find the right coach and draft the right quarterback. That hasn’t been something the Bears have been able to do and need to start doing.