Chicago Bears: 3 players most at risk under new GM

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Which Chicago Bears are most at risk under a new general manager?

At this point, it feels like not if, but when, the Chicago Bears make a change at the top of the organization. Such an overhaul would include a new coach, a new general manager, and according to a recent report, possibly even a new president of football operations.

It is a much-needed change that would be welcomed by just about the entire fan base, with the exception of the few that still hold out belief in Ryan Pace and Matt Nagy. But after six seasons of futility, where, absent a miracle turnaround this season, they will have made the playoffs only once, a change has to happen.

While that change would be celebrated by the fans, it could spell trouble for some players. Anytime a new administration takes over a team, just about every player’s future with the team is evaluated for continued service.

For many, that’s of little concern, as their status with the team is cemented and not in doubt. However, there are plenty of players who, for lack of a better term, are tied to the previous general manager. This could be for a variety of reasons that we will get into later, but suffice it to say that a new general manager could spell trouble for certain players on the Bears.

In fact, we have identified the three players who are the most at risk should a new general manager take over in the Windy City.