Chicago Bears: Lance Briggs takes shot at Matt Nagy on Twitter

Chicago Bears (Photo by Brian Kersey/Getty Images)
Chicago Bears (Photo by Brian Kersey/Getty Images) /

The shots keep coming from everywhere as a former Chicago Bears linebacker took aim at head coach Matt Nagy on Sunday afternoon.

It’s laughable at this point. The Chicago Bears have now lost six games in a row after a 5-1 start. Every Bears fan on earth is aware of how epic a collapse this team has had over the past month and a half.

Once atop the NFC North, Chicago is now 5-7 and most fans are actually hoping to see the win column stay as-is for the remainder of the season. After all, this team has to find their franchise quarterback, and likely won’t happen in the middle of the first round. Chicago needs as sure of a thing as they can find.

In addition to a higher draft slot, the Bears need change. More losing is bound to equal big change — at least that’s how things should go.

One of the changes starts at the top with head coach Matt Nagy, who is enduring all kinds of criticism at this point. Fans, media and even former players are all over Nagy right now as the Bears continue to spiral downward.

Former Pro Bowl linebacker Lance Briggs has been full of commentary all season long, giving us his grades in all aspects of each game. But, late in the game on Sunday, he posted a single tweet with just three words that said it all.

This tweet came shortly after the Bears could have attempted to run the clock out in the fourth quarter, but Nagy decided a pass play would suffice. Instead of running the clock and inching closer to victory, Mitchell Trubisky fumbled the football and the Lions took over, ultimately scoring the game-winning touchdown just seconds later.

Briggs’ words sum up exactly how the majority of fans feel about Nagy at this stage. It’s incredibly difficult to defend such incompetence week after week. Just when you thought Chicago would escape with a win and their offense actually looked the best it had looked in weeks, they go and do something like that — and guess what? It all starts with Nagy.

The offense, as a whole, is Nagy’s responsibility. This is what he was brought to Chicago to do — improve the offense and instill newer, more creative schemes.

All we’ve seen from Nagy is the same stuff, every single week, and he continues to be his own worst enemy. It is mind-numbing to wonder just how Nagy sees the film each week and decides to continue doing the same things he’s done all year long.

He’s refused to change, for the most part, and it’s hurt him and the team in a big way. Because of his incompetence, he has to realize his defense is sick and tired of playing for him. He has to understand what it means to see Allen Robinson and Anthony Miller upset and dilly-dallying on social media.

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He has completely lost this team, and Briggs is exactly right. Nagy is going to do what Nagy does — until he gets fired.