Chicago Bears: Finding bright spots amidst a disastrous season

Chicago Bears (Photo by Dylan Buell/Getty Images)
Chicago Bears (Photo by Dylan Buell/Getty Images) /
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Chicago Bears, Nick Foles
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2. Organization figured out a new direction must be taken at quarterback

Arguably the worst part of this season has been the quarterback play. Sure, it was great to see the Bears start out with a pair of wins under Mitchell Trubisky, but those wins were close to swinging the other way.

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When Trubisky was benched after a costly interception against the Atlanta Falcons, Nick Foles came in and gave the offense a bit of rejuvenation. Foles’ spark was evident, as the Bears came back from a double digit deficit in the fourth quarter to go 3-0.

Although the Bears then went on to winning five of their first six games, the incompetence on offense was clear. Foles was a different type of quarterback. He wasn’t a mobile guy, thus he needed excellent protection in front of him in order to have success — and he wasn’t getting it.

The sacks Foles would take after holding the ball too long, or the untimely, off-target deep shots were both signs that he wasn’t going to be an improvement over Trubisky.

Since Foles sustained a hip injury against the Minnesota Vikings, Trubisky got his shot once again in prime time against the Packers.

We all know how that ended. Nothing had changed. Trubisky still threw into double and triple coverage without going through his progressions. He still didn’t set his feet in the pocket when delivering several throws.

So, what now? This, believe it or not, is a positive. It’s a bright spot. The Bears now know they have to go in a different direction. There is nothing either quarterback could do over the next five games to prove otherwise.

The fact that fans can look forward to this franchise drafting a quarterback should present a ray of hope. Sure, the 2020 campaign is lost. But, going into 2021, we get to watch as the future of the quarterback position unfolds, and hopefully, it ends with a kid like Zach Wilson, Trey Lance or Mac Jones in Chicago.