Chicago Cubs: Len Kasper move speaks volumes

Patrick Gorski-USA TODAY Sports
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Losing Len Kasper speaks volumes about the Chicago Cubs.

When Chicago Cubs fans woke up on Friday morning they learned some news that likely came as a pretty big surprise. No, they did not trade away Kris Bryant, and they did not negotiate a deal for Kyle Schwarber to return. Heck, the news didn’t even involve a player, but rather the loss of legendary play-by-play announcer Len Kasper.

The move speaks volumes about the Cubs, and none of it is good news for the team, but especially for fans of the North Siders.

Kasper has been the play-by-play television announcer for the Cubs for the last 16-years. During that time, fans have inextricably linked his voice to the Cubs and some of their favorite (and not so favorite moments).

However, very unexpectedly, Kasper announced he was leaving the Cubs and his television gig, and taking a position with the Chicago White Sox and will serve as their play-by-play man starting next season.

While Kasper dismissed the notion that this had anything to do with the Cubs or the Marquee Network, saying they did everything to try to keep him, fans are going to speculate whether the Cubs, who are entering a quasi if not full rebuild, are starting to pinch pennies.

However, the more telling aspect of this move is what Kasper says was one of the main motivations for making it. With the Cubs, Kasper did not have the opportunity to call the 2016 World Series. That’s because the playoffs are broadcast by the national networks and not the local or regional network.

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That seemed to weigh on Kasper who said he made the move, in part, to have the opportunity to call a World Series.  It’s at least worth noting that Kasper sees the White Sox as providing the best opportunity in the short to medium term for him to call a World Series. Of course, Kasper may not have wanted to rock the boat and step on Pat Hughes’ toes, who is entrenched as the radio play-by-play guy but based on the different trajectories of the two teams, one has to think that played a role in the decision.